Have to run command `make site` again & again

Today I found a bug and so I made an issue and I am working on it. I want to ask that If I make a little number of changes to Layer5 then how do I refresh the page like in the Simple React application whenever I save it automatically refreshes the website?

Do I have to run make site every time?

Like it takes a lot of time to execute almost 30 to 40 sec. This question is also for Meshery.

Make site command is meant to make changes to the codebase and see the updates reflected immediately without manually reloading the page or restarting the server. Due to the size of the project, it may be the case that changes will take time to be reflected, though the time mentioned is too much. If your system resources are an issue, try using remote workspace.

The problem was solved after uninstalling wsl and moving back to windows. I think there is configuration problem with wsl.