Getting started in the Layer5 Community - A Quick Guide

Welcome to the Layer5 community, all new folks! Glad to have you all here :wave:

We are always glad to have new enthusiastic learners and contributors in the community!

Some of you might have doubts like, how can i get started, is this really the community, where i can contribute, even as a beginner?! :thinking_face:

The answer to all these questions is YES :tada:
and to help you all get things started, here are a few points:

  • Checkout the newcomers guide to know more about how to get involved!
  • Weekly Meetings are a great place to interact with the community folks & find volunteering opportunities, checkout the calendar to know about the meetings we have
  • Do sign up on our Discussion Forum to get latest updates about the community & get involved in a discussion by asking your doubts or even helping with other peopleโ€™s questions as well

Feel free to jump around & explore the different projects we have to find an area of your interest & do ask any doubts you would have!!

Hope this was helpful :slightly_smiling_face: