Getting Error While running the command "make site"(mac user)

Thanks for identifying that you’re on macOS, @sandeep.bhel. This helps. What’s the output of this command on your system?

jekyll -version

I assume that it’s Jekyll 4.3.1. If so, then please run these commands and paste / attach the full output of both of them:

git reset head --hard
make site

@Lee Here is the attachment please help me to fix this I spent more than 2 days to just install ruby and then uninstalling it, repeating this processs.

@sandeep.bhel You can do two things here, either install Ruby 2.7.5 or a simple hack would be to change Ruby version from 2.7.5 to 3.0.5 on the Gemfile present on the root directory. and then run make site

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Okey @asubedy thank you, When i switched to the ruby 2.7.5 it is showing eventmachine error

@sandeep.bhel you installed Ruby 2.7.5? Could you share a screenshot of the error