Getting console error while installing meshmap in the system

when i tried to install meshmap using official docs using scoop its throwing this error “Error: CreateFile C:\Users\lenovo.kube\config: The system cannot find the path specified… Your local context is configured to run Meshery on Kubernetes using the default token.
The Kubernetes cluster is not accessible. Please confirm that the cluster is running. See Quick Start Guide | Meshery for additional instructions.” how do i set up this?

i’m running it on windows

Hey @Sumukh, i think you are confusing meshery with meshmap. meshmap is a extension over meshery it is an end-to-end management platform to help teams understand problems, explore options, and build solutions—together. talking about the issue you are facing, Kubernetes cluster is not accessible. make sure your k8s API is working fine and if you are using “minikube”, make sure it configured to use k8s API.