Getting a 404 Error After Setting Up Meshery for the First Time? Here Is How I Solved It

I just followed the steps to set up Meshery from the docs properly, but still, on running the build commands, I was getting errors. Specifically, I was following these docs:

Everything was fine when running the command: make ui-setup

On running command: make ui-build, I was getting the following in the terminal:

Skipping linting
✓ Checking validity of types
Disabled SWC as replacement for Babel because of custom Babel configuration *.babelrc"
Using external babel configuration from /home/moin/Documents/Github/meshery/provider-ui/.babelrc
Creating an optimized production build ...Bus error (core dumped)

And when running the command: make ui-server, my server used to run in terminal like below:

DEBU[2024-05-27T14:07:21+05:00] seeding Filter: tcp_metrics_bg.wasm
DEBU[2024-05-27T14:07:21+05:00] seeding Filter: tcp_packet_parse_bg.wasm
ERRO[2024-05-27T14:08:06+05:00] read tcp> read: connection reset by peer app-meshery code-meshery-server-1288 prob
able-cause="The content is not present at the specified url endpoint.HTTP requests failed" severity=2 short-description="Could not download seed content
for Application" suggested-remediation="Make sure the content is available at the endpoints. Make sure that Github is reachable and the http requests are n
ot failing"
INFO[2024-05-27T14:08:06+05:00] extracting Applications from /home/moin/.meshery/content/applications app-meshery
INFO[2024-05-27T14:08:06+05:00] seeding sample Applications

On localhost port 9081, I used to get a 404 (Not Found) error:



After getting help from the community and some investigation, I discovered that the issue was simple: the node_modules of ui and ui-provider (consider them as two separate folders with separate node module files) were corrupted. So, I just deleted them and reinstalled them. I’m using ubuntu so I used the following commands :

cd ui
rm -rf node_modules
npm install
cd ..

cd provider-ui
rm -rf node_modules
npm install
cd ..

And after running the commands below step by step, my issue was resolved:

make ui-setup
make ui-build
make ui-server

I hope this might help you. Happy debugging! :technologist:


  • Check the pre-requisites and environment setup procedure carefully.