For [Screenshots] related issues - adding new directory

There might have been a recent update to the repository concerning screenshots, I noticed this comment
advising a contributor to create a new folder and add the requested screenshots inside this folder. Since this was not a step that was required in any of the [Screenshots] related issues successfully completed in the past, should contributors working on this issue now or in future make this adjustment as well, or is the comment only concerning the particular issue it was written on?
What about the related PR’s that were merged and closed, will those need to be re-opened and updated accordingly?

CC: @vishalvivekm


@sandramsc screenshots in “How it works” section for each and every integrations, will have to be put into their respective folder under _images/

Here’s the description from the PR#5129:

To update the screenshots in How it Works See It in Action section on an Meshery integration’s individual page, below steps have to be followed:

  1. Get the title from the .mdx file of the integration ( found in src/collections/integrations/) and create a directory in src/collections/integrations/_images/ named after the sluggified version of the title.

For example, if the integration’s title is Actions Runner Controller (ARC) the corresponding directory to be created would be named actions-runner-controller-arc.

  1. Populate the newly created directory at src/collections/integrations/_images/<sluggified version of title>/ with the latest screenshots.