Finding a Meshmate πŸ˜„

I am not sure if I had to post this over here. It would be nice if I can get paired with any of the meshmates. All of them are quite amazing.

I am having strong grasp on Javascript concepts and would love to contribute to Js projects. Talking about frameworks, I am having almost 1yr of experience with React and NodeJS.

I would love to improve my JS skills even more. It would be pretty amazing if someone can introduce me to some active JS projects on which I can contribute.

Still, I would not like to restrain myself to JS only. I would also explore some projects related to cloud-native but only after getting a bit acquainted with Layer5.

Thanks :slight_smile:


This is amazing @Dhairya_Bahl. You can always reach out to any of the amazing MeshMates on Slack. And do well to join the newcomers call today. All your questions would be answered.


Okk ! Got it ! I will definitely join the new-comers call ! Thanks for notifying :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@Dhairya_Bahl so good of you to ask. MeshMate @Nikhil_Ladha is particularly focused on the technologies that you mentioned. He recently championed the delivery of our new Learning Paths -

@Nithish_karthik is also championing a drive to overhaul Meshery’s UI in the upcoming v0.7.0 release. @sayantan1413 can point you in the direction of getting started.

Refactoring Meshery UI

MeshMate @warunicorn19 hosts the weekly Websites call on Mondays. There’s a moderately-sized feature request to create new performance dashboard on the site - [Site] Service Mesh Performance Benchmark Dashboard Β· Issue #272 Β· service-mesh-performance/service-mesh-performance Β· GitHub. @Abhi and @Debopriya and @navendu are good people to connect with on this.


hey @Dhairya_Bahl, please feel free to DM if you run into any issues :smiley:


Hey, @Dhairya_Bahl if you have any questions about the v0.7.0 Meshery UI overhaul please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

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