Feature Friday Bulletin: All about WebAssembly, Envoy and Istio

Hey everyone :wave:

:loudspeaker: The latest Feature Friday Bulletin is here and it’s packed with updates.

:rocket: In this week’s digest of Feature Friday Bulletin, discover the latest feature updates of Meshery and this week is all about WebAssembly, Envoy and Istio.

You can now:

  • Import your WASM Envoy filters into Meshery using the UI or CLI.
  • Publish and clone your WASM Envoy filters in the Meshery Catalog.
  • Download WASM binaries from Meshery Cloud.
  • Design and deploy Istio and Envoy dataplanes in MeshMap.
  • Contribute to any of the 7 open source wasm-filters.

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:playground_slide: Access v0.6.109 in the Meshery Playground to try out these features.


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