Failed to install dependencies after following instructions

Hello community,
I’m stuck in dependency install ‘make setup’
i followed each step mentioned in the .
but still i failed to install

Please share the screenshot of the command you ran which brought you across this error.

make sure that :

  • you are using the command in Layer5 Website Directory which has all files
  • you have the latest pull and version for the dependencies

while Installing the dependencies for running the site.
‘make setup’

→ i’m in layer5 directory

@balagowda, there was a bug here (my fault) that was very recently fixed. Will you resync your fork and try again?

@Lee , I followed your instructions it fixed ‘make setup’ but now showing error for ‘make site’

This is because of node and npm version compatibility . error got fixed Thank you @Lee

Hello @balagowda i am also facing same issue . can you please describe that which version of node and npm you are using it .