Facing problem while run make site command

follow every step carefully given in https://github.com/layer5io/layer5/blob/3af775dc30a2258232f5a23a76645381ca8e721c/CONTRIBUTING.md
and when run command “make site” before changes it takes much time to build but after doing changes for creating PR when build it gives →

@Shashank_Yadav Try again , It did worked for me

I tried multiple times but still facing the same issue and when discard all my changes then try to build, it build easily

I’ll suggest rather than discarding your changes , run it again.
If it still shows the same error , probably your added code do contains an error.

ya I also have same doubt that why after discard all changes I just change the “codes” → “code” which is only a text to check it works or not but again it shows the same error.

How bout trying

make clean

It seems that your system ran out of memory and quit the build, @Shashank_Yadav.

@Lee yes I also think that… You have any solution to tackle this issue. Currently I am using ubuntu 22.04 on my base OS windows 11.

first it give error then start and then stop–>

@Shashank_Yadav I assume that you are using WSL to run Ubuntu if this is the case, define the .WSLCONFIG file in your home dir(C:\Users$USER_NAME). It is common issue that while running Ubuntu in WSL (or any other Linux distribution), sometime it drains all the memory so limiting its resources may solves problem.

@Ghat0tkach combination of make clean then make site works…thanks

you have any idea how to resolve this issue
shashank@LAPTOP-90JG9OFJ:~/layer5$ git push -u origin feature
Username for ‘https://github.com’: Shashank2104125
Password for ‘https://Shashank2104125@github.com’:
remote: Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021.
remote: Please see About remote repositories - GitHub Docs for information on currently recommended modes of authentication.
fatal: Authentication failed for ‘GitHub - Shashank2104125/layer5: Layer5, expect more from your infrastructure

@Shashank_Yadav this is unrelated to the topic and unrelated to meshery as well, can you please ask this in #general slack I will give you a answere there. it is good to keep thread related with concerning topic.

@Zaki_Shaikh ya sure