Exploring Rust: Opportunities for Contribution within Layer5

Hello everyone,
I am new to Layer5 and would like to make some contributions. Specifically, I am looking for Rust-related contributions or projects within Layer5 that involve Rust development. If there are any ongoing initiatives or if someone can guide me towards Rust-related tasks, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

Excellent. One or more of our WASM filters are written in Rust. We don’t have any maintainers focused on advancing those currently, however.

This week, however, among the deep-dive into Meshery Relationships and their use of Open Policy Agent (OPA) and Rego policies, it noted that Meshery might want to explore use of regorus. While I can’t guarantee that we’ll have strong maintainer support behind an investigation here, I can be encouraging of you prototyping its use giving Meshery’s current set of Rego policies (linked to in this issue). Previously, a similar Golang-based prototype of Meshery’s use of OPA in WASM was created.

Thx for the mention!
Will definitely look into it

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