Exciting News: Layer5 Recognition Program! 🎉

:tada: Exciting News: Layer5 Recognition Program! :tada:

Get ready for an upgraded phase!

We’re taking the Recognition Program to the next level. While badges and titles have honored open source and cloud native champions at Layer5, get ready for an upgraded phase. We’re celebrating your contributions even more comprehensively to the cloud native ecosystem.

What’s the Layer5 Badges Program? :layer5:

Well, it’s an upgraded phase that rewards your contributions, involvement, and dedication to the Layer5 community. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting on your journey with us, these badges are our way of acknowledging your hard work and commitment. From developers to designers, writers to community advocates, there’s a badge for everyone.

Why should you be excited about this? :thinking:

  • :sunglasses: Recognition: We know how much effort you pour into making Layer5 thrive. These badges are a public acknowledgment of your expertise and dedication within the community.

  • :student: Learning and Growth: By participating in different activities to earn badges, you’ll also be expanding your skills and knowledge. The Layer5 Badges Program encourages continuous learning and growth.

  • :community: Community Stewardship: Connect with fellow community members who share your interests and passions. You can collaborate on badge-specific challenges and forge lasting relationships along the way.

  • :technologist: Showcase Your Achievements: Think of these badges as a virtual trophy cabinet. You’ll be able to display your accomplishments and contributions on your profile, whether it’s on our forum, your GitHub, or your LinkedIn.

Read the Blog Post :memo:

Explore our latest blog post for insights, updates, and inspiration, including an in-depth view of our badges program and cloud native skills. Gain valuable knowledge while celebrating your contributions. Read now for a brighter path forward →

:loudspeaker: Head over to the Recognition Program Website to get started!

Reach out :envelope_with_arrow:

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions about the program,
don’t hesitate to reach out to Community Managers or MeshMates.



Glad to be part of this program’s Dev Team :sparkles: :smiley: