Error while using make setup [ Layer 5 repo ]

OS - Windows with WSL2
Also looking for a meshmate : )

What command did you run that produced this error?

I have used the make setup command

I’m not sure if @Sudhanshu_Dasgupta or @vishalvivekm or @Vivek.Jha have run into this before or not.

First of all always work under home->user_name directory not in mnt. Its not related error to project but i guess its from machine. So try to sertup project in directory i mentioned and ensure you have all pre-requisites installed and run all commands agains, It may work

I’m working on a Windows machine so I don’t have home → user_name. I cloned the repo in my d drive.

Hey, did you install all the dependencies in wsl2?

Yes, I installed them already

I found a solution. I needed to add 2 environmental variables to run this. I saw this in a blog post online

Now it’s working fine