Error while setting up locally

I’m Trying to run locally, after running make docker, this error occur.
Can someone help me to resolve this error??

Hey @Raman.Chaudhary, It seems that there is an issue with your sass-embedded which is a dependency for Jekyll-sass-converted. try running bundle update to update the packages and check your internet connection and try running gem install sass-embedded and then run bundle install again.

Thanks @Yash_Sharma, Error is resolved, This error with sass-embedded occur due to bundler version. after running gem install bundler:2.3.22 and then running other commands , it worked !

Thanks for the update @Raman.Chaudhary , Could you please mark @Yash_Sharma comment as solution? This will help others to let know the actual solution :raised_hands:

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Thanks @Ghat0tkach I marked Yash’s post as solution.