Error in Visualizer mode - (Uh-oh!πŸ˜” Please pardon our mesh.- plugin: not implemented)

I am facing the following error available in the screenshot when i click on the visualizer mode (Uh-oh!:pensive: Please pardon our mesh.- plugin: not implemented). Please help me to solve the issue.?

The issue is that you are running an old version of Meshery (which is v0.6.156 according to the screenshot).

Please, try running the latest version.
You can do this by (considering you are building locally)

git fetch --tags

Latest Meshery version is v0.6.162
Release notes: Releases | Meshery

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Separately, you can escape from these local issues by playing at Meshery Playground

ok, sir. Thank you so much.
Sir, how i can upgrade the version please give me the link.

I have explained the process in my comment.

You’d have to fetch the latest git-tags using the command I shared. Then re-run the server :+1:

Thank you so much, sir. I updated the latest version but Still getting the same error. it’s related to the GraphQl plugin? How can I solve it?