Error during setup of Layer 5

Hello Everyone! I am facing an error during the setup of layer 5 ( GitHub - layer5io/layer5: Layer5, expect more from your infrastructure ) in the local environment
I am following the guidelines from here ( layer5/ at master · layer5io/layer5 · GitHub )
When I run the command make site
It gets stuck at the following

Can anyone please help me with how to solve this

Thanks for posting this, @Palak_Sharma. There are a couple others who have bumped into the same issue. In fact, so did I not long ago. There were a few troubleshooting things that I did… one of them, if I recall correctly, was deleting my local repo copy and cloning again. There are others in this forum that may very well have better suggestions.

Hi @Palak_Sharma , try updating the flags in the gatbsy-config.js file. That is adding the PARALLEL_SOURCING: false flag to it. Clear the cache and rebuild the site. That might help you.

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While I deleted my node_modules completely and ran the command to install it again. Surprisingly, It worked :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. Can you please check your node version because i think it is because of that as i also faced an issue while using make site but i dont remember the error well. I fixed it by uninstalling the node and installing the latest LTS version.
This might fix it.

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Same, this also worked for me

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I have tried cloning the project and deleting the node modules folder but still, it gets stuck at 99%.
My node version - v14.17.5
My npm version - 8.19.2

Tried running the website on ubuntu using wsl, and it worked there but wsl is being installed on my C Drive which has low space due to which I’m finding ways to set it up on windows (D Drive)

@utkarsh2000 try node v16.14.0, perhaps.

Got a new error on installing this version.
Something went wrong installing the “sharp” module

@utkarsh2000 I think you said that you’re up and running now. Would you like to document the final solution that got your local build working?

I deleted my cache folder and followed the process again and it worked for me.


@utkarsh2000 this note is one that can be posted in different places so that other contributors might benefit:

:warning: Cloning this repository :warning:

Cloning the repo with all its history results in a ~6 GB download. If you don’t need the whole history you can use the depth parameter to significantly reduce download size.

git clone --depth=1


@utkarsh2000 do you mind spreading this note around a bit? Perhaps, inclusion in the community handbook makes sense.

marking this as the solution!! Good job @utkarsh2000

I was stuck in the same problem. The problem persisted even after deleting the cache, deleting the node modules cloning again. Instead, I decided to try different terminal ‘Git Bash’ to clone, install dependencies and run dev environment , problem was still the same , so I killed the git bash terminal and went into VS code terminal again, now when I run ‘npm run dev’, surprisingly , it worked :slight_smile:

Hey aarib , could you please explain what is that “git bash”? Is it the git terminal??

you can download git bash terminal from here
[Git - Downloads](https://Git Bash)