Error deploying the helm chart using Terraform

I tried using Terraform to deploy the helm chart and the result was nginx deployment, any suggestions on what to do?

Hi @Emeka.uzowulu, great question. Currently, of the list of supported Meshery deployment methods, Terraform isn’t included. Let’s see if we can get you moving forward in lieu of the project officially supporting Terraform as a deployment method. Offer some additional details about how you arrived at where you are now, how you created a Terraform plan, what OS / environment are you deploying on?

i am using kubernetes which I deployed on AWS as the environment using kops.
the kubernetes cluster has all the necessary resources set using cilium as my network.
the O/S i used were redhat linux 9 HVM, instance sizes all t2-medium for the nodes. my terraform plan only includes
helm version 2.12.1 as the providers
the repository
chart = meshery
version 0.7.35
namespace is default
service type to loadbalancer

the helm repo has been added to my local machine and updated
and executed using terraform apply
No variables or dependencies were set

I suspect that there is a step missing here. How did you get from Meshery Helm chart to Terraform modules?