Error deploying mesheryctl

When I try to deploy mesheryctl to Kubernetes cluster, I get this error message. I checked the current context and It has the platform set to Kubernetes, not sure why I’m unable to execute the deploy command. Would appreciate any pointers.

@Ebi is the Scoop package for mesheryctl what you’re looking for?

@Lee No. I have scoop installed but when I try to run meshery system start, I get the error message ‘Error: CreateFile C:\Users\user.kube\config: The system cannot find the file specified… Your k8s context is configured to run Meshery on Kubernetes using the Default token.’ I have kube installed as well. Not sure what else to do.

@Ebi, oh, I see. What’s the output of a mesheryctl system check?

Hi @lee , sorry for the late response. I had interviews and was away. Here’s the output of the mesheryctl system check

You’ll need to either be running Docker or Kubernetes.

I have it installedand have just updated everything ( mesheryctl and kubectl), Here’s what I’m getting still

You have kubectl installed, but no Kubernetes cluster running (available via your kubeconfig).

When I try to run the create cluster command, I get this error message

@Ebi, this is my stop - where I get off the support train.

You’ll need to get a docker host or a kubernetes cluster (either one) in order to deploy Meshery (as a user) or you can build and run Meshery locally.

Okay okay. Thank you. I’m doing that already.