Docker compose not available issue while running mesheryctl system start command

OS:Ubuntu 23.04
Docker:Docker version 24.0.7, build afdd53b

The reason for this issue was my isp it’s common issue for jio to restrict
to fix this you need to follow 2 steps
On linux:
1.Use different dns like opendns or cloudflare
Set up on Linux · Cloudflare docs*
you can setup through this docs

2.In terminal type
sudo -s
followed by
sudo echo “” >> /etc/hosts

restart and it should fix the issue

On Windows:
Just download and use cloudflare warp while running

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@Shlok_Mishra this is a known issue with Indian ISPs.
What I do enable VPN and try downloading it and it works.
If you or someone from your house has Vodafone-Idea SIM card, you can temporarily use that for network as well.

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Yah i was posting the fix :sweat_smile: without changing the to different network for others.

Good read if you want to know where It is mentioned terminal in root
How do I run terminal in sudo mode? - Ask Different

  1. Github discussion forum for the command
    Not able to open · community · Discussion #42655 · GitHub

exact link of the command
Not able to open · community · Discussion #42655 · GitHub