Discussion over integrations

@Roseline.Bassey @Ronit.Banerjee @Lavakush.Biyani
In the lieu of

  1. [Improvement in description of Integration] GKE & K8s · Issue #3264 · layer5io/layer5 (github.com)
  2. [Improvement in description of Integration] AKS · Issue #3261 · layer5io/layer5 (github.com)
  3. [Improvement in description of Integrations] Docker and Github · Issue #3262 · layer5io/layer5
  4. [Improvement in description of Integration] Helm & Homebrew · Issue #3263 · layer5io/layer5 · GitHub

It’s been a long time since all of you started working on your specific integrations page,
any specific issue that you are facing that seem to be hurdle in updating the integrations section.
If yes, let us know, we are here to help.

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Hello Kamal and happy new year.

Is there any existing documentation about GKE integration? The link provided is not found: https://layer5.io/cloud-native-management/meshery/integrations/gke