[DEP0040] The punycode module is deprecated" with Node.js 21.x

This error is displayed while setting up the layer5 repo after cloning.

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1: Follow the steps in the CONTRIBUTING.md to Set up your Local Development Environment

Step 2: After steps 1 through step 9, run make site

The following error pops up after the command in step 2 is run:

What I have tried:

  • followed suggestions based on related research on the issue by:
    • downgrading from node version 21.x to 20.10.0
    • running npm install punycode --save
    • followed the proposed solutions on this thread

The error persists.

After a few tries, make site successfully deploys the Layer5 website. Although the error still shows it does not prevent the website from deploying.