Currently I'm facing this problem do you have any idea about this?

I followed every steps from and when I got l hit make site then this error comes up , please help me :pray:t3::pray:t3::desktop_computer:

Hi – @Pravas_Gupta
Thanks for raising an issue to this discuss forum.

Are you missing to run make setup command? Because module not found error may occur due to not properly installed with packages :thinking:

Please confirm me if you have run the command make setup or not. We shall proceed to next potential solutions post your confirmation.

I followed every steps from ,yea I run make setup cmd too(smoothly executed ,no error), then make site give me this …

Seems strange.
I would recommend you to follow couple of steps now:

Try recloning:
Cloning the repo with all its history results in a ~6 GB download. If you don’t need the whole history you can use the depth parameter to significantly reduce download size.

git clone --depth=1

Please send me screenshots of your:
node -v
npm -v
gatsby --version

Just to confirm we are moving in the right direction.

npm install -g gatsby-cli

This would fix it :v: