Conversion from Design-File format to Kubernetes Manifest support in Meshery

Our backend engines operate on a solid design-file format, which contains all the necessary information for Meshery to understand. With the support of MeshModels, we have extended this capability even further. Users can design on MeshMap by simply dragging and dropping elements, enjoying a contextual and visual representation of their product. All design information is stored in a yaml format, which might be unfamiliar to some users. However, if they wish to deploy their designs, they can easily do so within MeshMap without knowing their yaml. The only drawback is that they won’t receive the file in the Kubernetes manifest format, which is more familiar and easily shareable among others who understand Kubernetes Manifest.

How does this looks from the context where people could convert their MeshMap designs to kubernetes Manifest and have them share with anyone who understands kubernetes Manifest?

By allowing users to seamlessly switch between visual design on MeshMap and the Kubernetes Manifest format, it reduces friction and makes the process more user-friendly. Users can conveniently work visually when Meshery is available, but they also have the flexibility to take their designs and deploy them locally in scenarios where Meshery is not present. This versatility enhances the overall user experience and empowers them to work efficiently in different contexts.

Lets discuss

  • What are your views on this?
  • How should be proceed with the solution?
  • What do you think might be the caveats to it?
  • What should be considered before implementing this?

@Nithish_karthik Whats your worthy take or opinions here?