Community Weekly Activity for the week of September 19th, 2022

Hello, Amazing contributors :wave:

It was yet another interesting week for the community. All repositories and discussion channels kept up the momentum. Many pull requests were merged. We welcomed some enthusiastic contributors who provided helpful feedback to others along with new community members who we hold very dear to our hearts. Cheers to everyone who engaged actively.

The week in summary:


Hearty congratulations to all of you!

  • Our new user of the month is @Pankaj.Khushalani. He has been consistently active on the discussion forum, in asking questions as well as answering them. Congratulations Pankaj!

Meshery updates:

  • @theBeginner86 gave an update adding the definition of CA Bundle to the MeshKit PR#213
  • @MUzairS15 discussed adding validation to the Pattern files in Meshery UI.
  • @Lee shared his views on what could be defined as verify, validate, and dry run. Adam Domagalski and @MarioArriaga92 shared their thoughts as well.
  • @Antonette.Caldwell pointed out that we need to upgrade the version of Go from 1.17 to 1.19.
  • @Abhi proposed a few UI changes and some issues with Gaurav Chadha.
  • @nishantwrp Nishan discussed failing integration tests while Matt Young shared very useful resources on GraphQL!
  • @revoly gave updates on his PR to update the docs.

Service mesh patterns

  • @Kamal.Singh presented the work he had done on the service mesh patterns website. His PRs on the about section and responsive navbar got merged this week.

  • @asubedy and @Divine.Orji proposed the designs of the compatibility matrix.
  • @Kanika_Gola discussed Document Meshery Catalog in Meshery Docs
  • @Rohith talked through the catalog responsiveness to align the filter button to center, set the default view to hidden, and add animations.