Community Weekly Activity for the week of June 24th, 2022

Hi everyone :wave: :wink: ,

It was a great week in the community. We had many newcomers and many people making the contributor list across the community repositories. :clap:
The interaction in the community slack channel was massive. Kudos to everyone once more.:fire:

This Week in summary:

Meshery UI

  • @Ashish gave an update on the compatibility matrix with multiple k8s versions and other changes
  • Incorporating redux and upgrading to Material UI v5 was discussed: Branch- Meshery-ui-restructuring
  • Proposal to restructure the top-level folder structure of meshery/meshery by major architectural component
  • @Lee suggested minimizing the number of files in the root directory of Meshery

  • @Harshit_Dandriyal gave an update on the dark mode feature he is working on. link to PR
  • @Debopriya MeshMap CTA - Vote for your favourite logo
  • Meshery Cloud page updates
    • A Color of the youtube logo needs to change. (Volunteer needed)
    • Separate Meshery Cloud page, using a query parameter, to distinguish between sign in and sign up. (Volunteer needed)
  • Rotational Call to Action framework
    • :meshery: @Nikhil_Ladha created a system of adverts in the blog collection in which CTAs can be dynamically rotated through a blog post without revisiting old blog posts to change the message/CTA.
  • Pricing page updates were merged - link to PR

  • @Rohith UI updates: Copy to clipboard tooltip is not aligned/scroll always visible #715
  • @asubedy had some questions about the catalog.

  • @asubedy discusses sorting columns in the past results page of the compatibility matrix and some updates.

Things to expect coming week!

  • More contribution and interactions.

Want to get started with contributions to the community?

Hope you have a great & productive week ahead.


What a great recap of this weekโ€™s activities. Hereโ€™s a help-wanted label link that includes all of the communityโ€™s GitHub orgs.