Community Activity for the week of January 31st, 2022 πŸ“

Hey everyone :wave:

Remember: Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out!
Keep working & growing along with the community :sparkles:

What did you miss last week?

  • On-going work for adding a QUIZ in the Learning Paths
    • Tracking issue here
  • Call for volunteers to contribute!
  • On-going Meshery UI v0.7.0 refactoring (Branch | Proposal)
    • Track the progress here
  • Meshery Introduction & Deep-dive by @Lee
    • Watch the session here
  • We are collaborating with OpenForce :tada:
    • Call for volunteers & Mentors (More info here)

Things to expect this week!

  • Want to get started with contributions to the community?
    • β€œgood-first-issues” are always a good place.
    • Explore out repositories for β€œhelp wanted” issues.

Hope you have a great week ahead :sparkles: