Celebration for people rewarded with Hacktoberfest Badge

Huge congratulations :tada: to everyone who received the Hacktoberfest Badge from Layer5! Your contributions have made a real difference in the open-source world, and your dedication to advancing is truly commendable. Keep up the fantastic work!

People who have got Hacktoberfest Badge are:

@Suruchi_Kumari @Akhilender_Bongirwar @Akshay_Sharma @Atreay_Kukanur Omar Niazi @Parthib_Datta @theBeginner86 @MUzairS15 @vishalvivekm @Aabid.Sofi @Yash.Sharma @Saurabh100ni

If you also want to be on the list, Here’s the list of issues which can get you the Hacktoberfest Badge: here


Amazing :tada::tada::tada:

Congratulations :rocket:

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Yayy Congrats everyone :rocket: :partying_face:

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Wow Good job guys :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Congratulations guys :clap::tada:

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Congratulations to everyone :balloon::grin:

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Congratulations everyone :partying_face:

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