[Catalog] Publish Cloudnative Apps to Catalog #9282

Current Behavior

Meshery Catalog has a relatively small number of published designs.

Desired Behavior

The catalog should be populated with a variety of published designs.


  1. Import common sample apps from GitHub - kubernetes/examples: Kubernetes application example tutorials, or GitHub - AdminTurnedDevOps/kubernetes-examples: This repo contains a bunch of Kubernetes examples, or GitHub - GoogleCloudPlatform/kubernetes-engine-samples: Sample applications for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) as well as any other resources that can benefit both newcomers and seasoned professionals in the CNCF ecosystem.
  2. WASM Filters are welcome too. Learn more about Filters management in Meshery at Filter Management | Meshery.
  3. Share these imported apps with the Meshery Catalog. Refer to Catalog | Meshery.

Here is the related issue: [Catalog] Publish Cloudnative Apps to Catalog · Issue #9282 · meshery/meshery · GitHub