CASL.js Resources

Has anyone used CASL.js? Can anyone please help if they are aware of any latest resources beside CASL.js docs? I am finding docs very confusing.

Most of the resources available online are for deprecated version. :frowning:

Hi @Naureen.Imran , these are the updated docs of casl.js specifically for ReactJs

Thank you @usman_siddique.
Do you know any other resouces? These docs are little confusing as code snippets do not mention the name of the files. It is not very clear which component is which.

@Naureen.Imran I don’t know about any other resources. I found the documentation quite helpful. You can share the code snippet and i can try to explain it

If you look at the first snippet in Can component. I dont understand how to use this snippet and if it is supposed to go in ability.js

export default ({ post }) => <Can I="read" this={post} field="title">
  Yes, you can do this! ;)

Yes, you are right. This is not how we use it, it is just an example. The component uses abilities, which can be custom defined. You can read about abilties here:

Once we have defined the abilities, then we can use it with the component.

You can find codesandbox examples using casl.js here: