Can mesheryctl connect in same time or switching between different kubernetes clusters?

Where should I run meshery form in this cases?
Case 1: app is running on development or local installation that has a k running and is required to be deployed/installed in a prod like environment with a different k installation

Case 2: app is running in qa1 and qa2 clusters, different clusters for different costumers, same kubernetes installation but different k contexts & clusters. Both being pre-prod envs.

You can deploy your meshery in any case, anywhere. There is no specific requirement. You will be able to apply operations on any cluster as long as:

  1. Meshery has detected the kubeconfig containing that context.(You can also upload the kubeconfig manually)
  2. Wherever you deploy meshery, k8s should be reachable in network. For instance, you could have a kind cluster and a minikube cluster with your meshery being deployed in kind. You can manage both clusters if -
    a. There are no firewall rules or any other configuration stopping the request to reach the other cluster.
    b. They are on the same subnet.
    In short, we do not setup networking for you. So as long as you have got that in place, you can be anywhere. Even locally!