Can i know ,is it possible to have admission controllers and CRD's in meshery catlog? or will support in future?

can i know is it possible to have admission controllers and CRD’s in meshery catlog?? or will support in future? and as far when i just deploy any using CRD’S or admission controllers , im facing many errors , but that is working fine in my local kubernetes cluster which is an KIND cluster available .

Can you specify how are you deploying your design mesheryctl/UI and the errors you are facing?
Also, can you share the sample manifest?
While Meshery has issues with CRDs, support for admission controllers can be discussed and added as a roadmap item for the v0.8 release.

Which admission controllers are you trying with, the default-enabled ones?

Hey , @MUzairS15 thanks for replying , i’am deploying design through UI for example let’s take deploying kyverno , it contains many CRD’S , dynamic admission controllers and many more …
Here is yaml file of it
Yaml file
even though , we cant write policies at present , but cant just deploy CRD’S or admission controllers for now ??? even though i tried with many tools like knative , trivy etc faced same issue