Build Error while running 'make ui-build' command

The ‘make ui-setup’ command was run successfully, but on running ‘make ui-build’ the following error comes up every time:

And finally after running ‘make ui-server’ , the browser shows 404 error in spite of connection being establised.


Execute make ui-provider-build

Have you tried clear node module cache and re install dependencies?
And since make ui-server first builds then runs parallel make ui so if your build is not working then ui will show error

How to clear the cache? The .cache folder is not present at root

I executed this command but still no results

The error is not yet resolved and I’m still facing the same issue. How can I fix this?

This is weird, can you share logs after ‘make ui-setup’

Okay, I finally got my mistake. I was using node v21.6.2 . I installed node v18 and now it works fine.

Ohh good however at other points Meshery should support node v21 version

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