Build and Release Meeting | Dec. 14th, 2023


  • Pranav Singh, Daniel Kiptoon,Roshan Goswami, Abhijeet Gaurav, Lee Calcote, Tushar Dhanorkar , Cesar Roman dineshraj dhanapathy,Chandravijay Rai, Adina Rav

Standing Agenda:


  • Dysfunctional MeshMap Snapshot Service
  • Recent change in the hyperlink for the image screenshot, but shouldn’t affect the running of the service. GitHub lists it as “skipped”. It is not disabled, though.
  • [Daniel] - CI Coverage for MeshSync. comment
  • [Lee] - v0.8.0 Roadmap review, comment, theme champions, missing items?
    • Quantified objectives?
    • Integration test coverage % goals defined?
  • [Pranav] - Call for volunteers
    • Publish your design to Meshery Catalog issue
    • Fix E2E test on
      • Meshery Adapter for Istio issue
      • Meshery Adapter for Cilium issue
    • Fix static check workflow on Meshery Adapter for Cilium issue
    • Erroneous reporting of compatibility on Meshery Docs
    • REview Prs.

First PR from today’s meeting is up - chore: [CI] update dependencies by leecalcote · Pull Request #152 · meshery/meshery-cilium · GitHub