Brainstorming about how to show levels on recognition badges?

Currently, we don’t show how many times a user has performed some activity like a milestone, so to show that we need to figure out how to show the milestone on badges.

Checkout all badges on badges site.

Note: One of the signatures of the community and the projects is to use two-toned green. we need to make sure they are kept around as we explore the use of other colors.

Solutions discussed on the website’s meeting on 02-10-2023

  1. Different colors for the background of the badge for different milestones like 1-5 bronze, 11-20 gold.

  2. The ribbon on the badge can be of different colors.

  3. Maybe some additional marks that can be of different colors.

  4. Different shapes for badges.

  5. Increased gradient of colors or intensity.

  6. Maybe Combine all the stuff with a level map
    Example of the level map -