/bin/bash: go1.17.8: command not found [Error running up the Server]

When running the server, you may bump into the issue that shows go1.1x.x is not found, although you may have the go-binary already installed.

We have recently imposed the strict versioning of golang for making the consistent build between the server, meshery-extensions and their adapters. This was important to introduce consistency. Furthermore, some previous versions of golang before go-1.17 seems to create few problems with the build.

We want you to use the go version: 1.17.8 but it’s fine if you use any latest like 1.18.x too(though we have not done any stable-tests on it)

To see your go version:

go version

output: go version go1.17.8 linux/amd64

If your go version is fine, you can comment out this line to use your default go binary of your system without imposing version restriction.

Another Option

You may try to download version-specific go binaries and make it executable and store it in your usr/bin where your binaries are located. More information on go-docs