Badge leveling system proposal

We have a recognition program in which we assign users or contributors depending on the activities they perform or contributions they make to our products or projects.

This is a proposal for a leveling system of badges that defines the different levels in specific areas.

Note: All badges are available at -

1. Common Badge (White Ring):

  • These badges are readily available to all contributors.
  • Basic achievement threshold is required for this badge.

2. Bronze Badge (Bronze Ring):

  • Awarded to individuals who are beginning to perform well.
  • Criteria: Publish 5 designs.

3. Silver Badge (Silver Ring):

  • Typically awarded to individuals who are excelling.
  • Criteria: Publish 25 designs.

4. Gold Badge (Gold Ring):

  • Symbolizes top performance.
  • Reserved for individuals who have demonstrated outstanding skill, creativity, and dedication in their field.
  • Gold color can be used for special edition badges, such as CNCF Ambassadors.
  • Criteria: Publish 50 designs.

5. Platinum Badge (Platinum Ring):

  • Represents excellence, mastery, and extraordinary achievement and contribution.
  • Criteria: Publish 100 designs.

6. Diamond Badge (Diamond Ring):

  • The pinnacle of accomplishment.
  • Reserved for those who have consistently pushed boundaries and made a significant impact.
  • Criteria: Publish 200 designs.

7. Emerald Badge (Emerald Ring):

  • Rare and prestigious.
  • Awarded to trailblazers who innovate and inspire.
  • Criteria: Publish 500 designs.

8. Ruby Badge (Ruby Ring):

  • Exceptional and legendary.
  • Given to those who have left an indelible mark on the community.
  • Criteria: Publish 1000 designs.

sounds interesting @Ritik.Saxena :medal_sports:


I encourage you to tweet about this in solicitation of feedback. It’s looking pretty good to me. Although, I wonder if an emerald green badge, not a ruby red badge should be the pinnacle level award. :wink: :layer5: