API rate limit exceeded

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Meghana-12 @Meghana-12: I’m getting these errors when running mesheryctl system start:

Unable to create a mesh client.Unable to ping the mesh adapter


meshery-meshery-1               | time="2021-12-18T09:19:25Z" level=error msg="GET <https://api.github.com/repos/meshery/meshery/tags>: 403 API rate limit exceeded for <my-ip-address> (But here's the good news: Authenticated requests get a higher rate limit. Check out the documentation for more details.) [rate reset in 21m06s]" app=meshery code=2138 probable-cause= severity=2 short-description="failed to compare latest and current version of Meshery" suggested-remediation=

Context :

Current Context: local

endpoint: http://localhost:9081

token: Default

token-location: auth.json

platform: docker


- meshery-app-mesh

- meshery-istio

- meshery-linkerd

- meshery-consul

- meshery-nsm

- meshery-kuma

- meshery-cpx

- meshery-osm

- meshery-traefik-mesh

- meshery-nginx-sm

channel: stable

version: latest

Version : v0.6.0-rc-2

GitHub is temporarily rate limiting (rejecting) requests from your machine (your IP address). You can check on your hourly quota here -

The number of allowed, unauthenticated GitHub API calls per hour is likely being reached based on various build activities that you have recently performed.

An effort was recently made with within mesheryctl, Meshery Server, and the Meshery Adapters to remove any api.github.com code. I assume that a similar cleanup might be needed in build scripts of various components.

@piyushsingariya @revoly @navendu, where is the project still using api.github.com calls?

I just tried it again, I ran mesheryctl system start and mesheryctl system stop. And then again tried to start meshery again and I got the same error.

These are some other errors I noticed :

meshery-meshery-linkerd-1       | time="2021-12-18T13:53:06Z" level=error msg="open /tmp/linkerd2/1639835379351052220/charts/linkerd2/templates: no such file or directory" app=linkerd-adaptor code=1003 probable-cause="The repository could not be cloned or reached.The repository url is invalid.Could not reach the remote git repository" severity=2 short-description="failed to get filenames for dynamic component generation" suggested-remediation="Make sure the owner, repo and path is correct for fetching crd names"
meshery-meshery-consul-1        | time="2021-12-18T13:49:43Z" level=error msg="open /home/appuser/.meshery/bin/kubeopenapi-jsonschema: no such file or directory" app=consul-adapter code=1011 probable-cause="Invalid component generation method passed, Some invalid field passed in DynamicComponentsConfig" severity=2 short-description="error generating components" suggested-remediation="Pass the correct GenerationMethod in DynamicComponentsConfig.Pass the correct fields in DynamicComponentsConfig"

This API call should be removed by @piyushsingariya 's PR [Meshery] Removed api calls from meshey server by piyushsingariya · Pull Request #4671 · meshery/meshery · GitHub

One place mesheryctl still make the call is in an attempt to install docker-compose which would just be a single API call.

We also have an unused function here @piyushsingariya

We also still use the API call in the GitHub walker we use for getting pattern files.

There is commented out code with the API call on Meshery docs. I think these are all commented out (@warunicorn19).

Here is everywhere the API calls are used in Meshery Server:

Yup, I just checked in Meshery Docs all the API calls are commented out, is there a need to remove them?

Not really. But if it wouldn’t be used again, it wouldn’t hurt to remove it. You can open an issue and assign a new contributor to it.


Will check and raise a PR to resolve this once i found a solution.

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Hi, @Meghana-12 Trust you are doing well, I’m checking in on this post. Is the issue resolved now? Kindly mark one of the replies as the solution, if so. If not, please feel free to continue the discussion.

@Meghana_Varanasi good to go here? Which answer(s) solved your question? Please mark with “Solution”.