A question on Meshery Services

When I run the below command I see the there is a load balancer for meshery-broker . Curious to know why that service is exposed as a load balancer instead of cluster IP

samirparhi@MyMac ~ % k get svc -n meshery
NAME                               TYPE           CLUSTER-IP    EXTERNAL-IP     PORT(S)                                                                                     AGE
meshery                            LoadBalancer   9081:30191/TCP                                                                              12m
meshery-broker                     LoadBalancer   4222:31888/TCP,6222:31928/TCP,8222:31237/TCP,7777:32193/TCP,7422:32176/TCP,7522:31017/TCP   7m47s

Meshery connects to meshery broker for getting events and changes occurring inside the cluster. This is currently LoadBalancer because it is assumed that meshery can be outside the cluster or inside. When meshery is deployed outside the cluster and if the type is set to ClusterIP, meshery server will not be able to connect to the broker.

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What are the scenario, that meshery should be installed outside of the cluster. What all are the benefits or the use cases that leads to this assumption?

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