A name for Meshery's newest type of relationship

Situation: Kubernetes resources are capable of being assigned Label and Annotation key/value pairs. When pairs of Labels or Annotations match, a relationship is formed and visualized as shown below.

Conundrum: What to name the newest member of the Meshery Relationships family? The recently demonstrated “bubble set” visualization.

Proposal: Use the word “Tag”, which is a term agnostic to Labels and Annotations. A “Tag” could be a Meshery construct available to all node types (shapes, components, node groups). We would still support Label and Annotation Sets, but refer to collection of these (this functional capability in Meshery) generically as “Tag Sets”.

Let’s put it to a vote.

  • Tag Set
  • Bubble Set
  • Label Set
  • Annotation Set
  • Match Group
  • Label Matching
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If you’re new to Meshery Relationships, see the docs to learn more or try them out in the Meshery Playground.


With Meshery supporting cloud platforms and not just Kubernetes, I like the idea of a general “tag” concept.

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This visualization looks a bit like a bubble…