404 page while running Meshery Locally

I have been trying to run meshery locally.
I followed the steps mentioned in CONTRIBUTING.md.
I ran commands several times as well just to be sure.

make ui-setup
make ui-build
make server

My server seems to be running after I execute the commands, but I keep encountering a 404 page after signing in.
Can anyone please guide me on what I am doing wrong?

Here are the screenshots for reference of my logs:

Would try deleting /ui/node_modules and /ui/out directory in /ui?

Then again try the commands?
Its most likely a caching issue in the browser.

Ideally, it is recommended to use incognito mode while developing locally.

I don’t have /ui/out dir.
I tried clearing the cache, hard refreshing, and opening it in incognito, but nothing seemed to change the 404-page error.

See that’s the issue.

All the compiled output of UI is exported into static HTML files inside /ui/out which are then dynamically served by the backend based on request.

Would you try running following:
cd ui; npm run build && npm run export; cd ..
cd provider-ui; npm run build && npm run export; cd ..

Getting somewhat different error now.

This is what I do, for contributing in meshery-ui

  1. Install the dependencies: make ui-setup
  2. Run the Meshery server: make server
  3. navigate to: localhost:9081/provider when the server is up and running and select the provider.

(Even if you see the 404 messages on the site follow and complete the below steps)

  1. While the server is running, open another terminal and run make ui (for hot reloading)
  2. Navigate to localhost:3000 when the ui server is up and running.

You should be able to work with the dashboard now.

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Thank you so much for the help. I can see the dashboard now at port 3000

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Glad to help, just keep in mind that

  1. make ui is the suggested way of working, as you’ll be able to reflect on every change you make.
  2. make ui-build is for production deployment, you have to run it every time you make changes.
  3. meshery docs is your best friend.

Looks like we have to update the contributing file as it is misleading, so thank you for pointing out this issue.


it means that is not necessary to make ui-build every time. we can skip and can move ahead to make server.