Setting up Meshery on a remote Kubernetes cluster, setup by tools like Okteto

Hi, is it possible to deploy Meshery on a remote Kubernetes cluster provided by Okteto? If yes, how can we connect the Meshery UI with that server? That is, how will the Meshery UI figure it out that the backend server is running on a specific remote Kubernetes cluster (so that UI development can be done)?


Hi @Annu.Singh
Once you have okteto endpoint exposed. You will already have the UI and server built together in case of Meshery. In order to develop it, you can use their vscode extension and make code changes there after opening a dev server by running make ui.
Or if you want to develop the UI locally and have server remote, then you might require a few changes in CORS policy, and you can change the host and port variables to look to your okteto running environment: meshery/ui_dev_server.js at master · meshery/meshery · GitHub

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Thank you @Abhi for explaining the two ways in which this can be done.

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