[Recap] Meshery Development Meeting - September 29th 2022

Items discussed on the call -

  • [Debopriya] Community Meeting on Friday - Hacktoberfest Prep: Easing into Cloud Native Open Source Projects.
    • KubeCon talks to be posted. Meshery and Service Mesh Performance Project Office Hours. Details and opportunity to participate forthcoming.
    • Volunteers: Deepesha
  • [Ruturaj] [Server] Backend for catalog for local provider #6258
  • [Harkirat] Improvement in mesheryctl #6174.
  • [Yash] Run through of progress on Meshery UI overhaul
  • [Pranav] Updates on Adapter versions not being displayed #issue6245
  • [Harshit] Configuration Page Suggestion.
  • [Pankaj/Gaurav] Meshery v0.7.0 Planning
  • [Subedy] Discussion on Integration test failing
  • [Divine] UX: New Compatibility Matrix design
  • [Harshit] meshery and meshery.io dark Theme discussion.
    • Breaking this big feature request into smaller milestones.
    • Hacktoberfest
  • [Ashish] Adding E2E tests in Meshery #6264
  • [Ashish] Fixed failing tests
  • [Ashish] Pointing urgent bugs on RJSF form
    • Adding unnecessary fields onto the design.
    • Missing labels and annotations
    • For the Design Configurator, even Name and Namespace are missing.
    • Add search feature

Meeting video - Meshery Dev Meeting (Sept. 28th, 2022) - YouTube

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