[Recap] Meshery Development Meeting - November 16th 2022

Items discussed on the call -

  • [Ashish] Adding notifications for failed design/application/filter imports. #6530
  • [Ashish] Adding Status field onto components in registry. #230
  • [Harkirat] Node Configuration newer Field UX #6519
  • [Ruturaj] Demo for workflow to update Cloud Native Catalog | Meshery
    • For publishing the applications publicly the user’s public design can be linked to their member profile.
    • [help wanted] UI for publish workflow
  • [Subedy] Demo of the Consolidated Compatibility Matrix [#6509]
  • [Harshit] - Meshery UI Dark theme
  • [Antonette] Update golangci-lint settings across all projects
  • [Antonette] Finish Ginkgo test suite for meshery-operator
  • [Abhi] Upgrade to Node 18 and setup choice of npm cmd based on Node Version[#6531]
  • [Abhi] Use Wss with Https [#6538]
  • [Yash] Unable to see deployed application and operator failing to start
  • [Gaurav] [Call for volunteer] Meshery UI Refactoring
  • [Deepesha] Meshery Integrations Features update
  • [Ashish] Adding Meshmodel components in adapters. #97 #512
    • Adding categories left
  • [Ashish/Abhi] Using Meshmodel components in UI
  • [Ashish] Long standing postgres migration - with sqlite as default database
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