[Recap] Meshery Development Meeting - July 27th 2022

Items which were discussed on the call -

  • [Yash] Meshery-UI-Restructuring Updates #5833 #5823
  • [Gaurav] REST API Docs update for Applications #5887
    • Let’s be consistent on the API designs. Given that Meshery APIs are not broadly using query parameters currently, I’ll suggest that a guiding principle be established to avoid their use altogether.
  • [Ashish/Uzair] Demo Enhancing applications to include explicit source type.
    • Helm logo is skewed. The compose logo has too much padding (in the svg, I suspect).“HELM" letters should not be touching the other parts of the logo. I’ve pointed to where to get the original previously.
    • it’s time to keep pre-generated K8s components on-hand. A design spec needed.
    • Better errors
    • Potential use of joyride to give users a first-time overview of each UI/page.
  • [Harkirat] Mesheryctl user friendly error message #5661 #5892
    • 1st goal: Eradicate “Error: requires at least 1 arg(s), only received 0”
    • 2nd goal: Identify appropriate response types based on category of error. For example:
      • Error Type: Invalid command entered
      • Response Type: Suggested use (“Did you mean … ?”)
      • Error Type: Missing required parameter
      • Response Type: Example use
  • [Rohith] Catalog section responsiveness #787
  • [Alpha] Review on design spec of import subcommand for mesheryctl app #5766
    • [Lee] Good looking design spec. Will you post on discuss.layer5.io and make a call for review? Post link here
  • [Debopriya] Return of the Layer5 Community Meeting!
    • GitHub Codespaces product manager will present.
    • Meshery Docker Extension will be demo’ed and discussed.
  • [Ruturaj] Demo Server feedback on adding k8s contexts

Meeting recording - Meshery Development Meeting (July 27th, 2022) - YouTube

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