[Recap] Highlights from the Websites Call (30th Jan 2023)

  • [Shivam] New MeshMap page #3670
  • [Gurpreet] New Security Vulnerability page #3666
  • [Suhail] Convert stack of category filters to a carousel on home page #3494 (cont.)
  • [Anita] - New UX badges, MeshMates (cont.)
  • [Arunima] Modifying Navbar dropdown such that it expands on text click #892

  • Change the Hamburger icon to a Cross icon, when the navbar is open.

  • One solution: use a drop shadow instead of a horizontal bar.

  • One solution is to have the menu be the full vertical height of the page.

  • [Prakash] fixed the width of form container #999

  • [Yash Sharma] some logos are in colour and some are in white in Dark mode #967 (cont.)

  • [Anand] Changes made to the icons and text of all the catalogs #950 (cont.)

  • [Sandeep] Text and Modal chip alignment colour fixed #965

  • [Chinu] Text visibility issue with Copy Url button #1000

Meshery Docs ( docs.meshery.io )

  • [Gaganpreet] Meshery Docs facelift with dark mode included (PR #6639) (cont.)



play.meshery.io / playground.meshery.io

Meshery Cloud

  • Email templates
  • [Subedy] Avatar list of “Who’s Online”



  • Stale PRs / Inactive Contributors :

  • Add an infinite carousel in the partner section #3496

  • Cdk8s white logo changed as per requirement #3549

Checkout the Youtube LiveStream here: