[Recap] Highlights from the Websites Call (12th December, 2022)

Meeting Minutes:

  • [Your Name] - “Topic for your Demo” (“PR/MR”)
  • New dark mode - any open issues?
  • [] - “your topic here”
  • Retheming of the Meshery Docs website. Feedback:
    • [Lee] - “Documentation” word needs vertically-aligned
    • [Gaurav] - Navbar width and search bar style.
    • [Arya] - Cookie crumb trail is quite small. 10-20 padding to the listed items below “Quick start and Concepts ” in the homepage.
    • [Anand] - A few sections on different pages have very small font size on my browser(Windows - Google Chrome).
    • [Arunima] - Horizontal, dashed, green line is artifact on the screen.
    • [Lee] - Move away from the “doc” icon for the left hand sidebar. Replace with a tall, pullout tab akin to the tab used in Meshery UI.
    • [Anand] - Unclear that the different service meshes are clickable links on the home/service meshes page - A bg color for each service mesh might help as well for clarity (similar to previous docs.meshery page)
    • [Anand] - Links styling for elements in home/extensibility/types-of-extension-points section
    • [Anand] - Fix the table and its contents for all service meshes. Eg -
    • [Eeshaan] The Home page has a lot of links under each section. Some sections have less links, which leaves an irregular void in between.
  • [Lee] - Question about consistency of use of linear gradient sizes - existing docs uses linear gradient in the section titles on the
    • Eeshan - the line height of the hyperlink underscore seems to differ from link to link.
  • [Harshit] - Theme of the website does not defined, needs some suitable colors for all the sections.
  • [Harshit] - Navbar is little slim, needs work on native version select component.
  • [Harshit] - Scroll bar on Navigator seems little wide.
  • [Arunima] Hanging Indentation of the hyperlink on the home page.
  • [Utkarsh]- Footer of the website , Social Media Icons

Meshery UI

  • New dark mode - is everyone able to test?
  • [Gaurav] - Added feedback as comments on Dark mode PR

KeyNotes from the Meeting:

  • Krishna’s Meshery Documentation site was given a ton of feedback from all our community members.
  • Harshit’s DarkMode PR for Meshery UI also got constructive Feedback.
  • Lee discussed about how you can setup Meshery UI developer environment, and start contributing.