Newcomer getting used to structure and Design Principle of Meshery | MeshMate Assemble

What did I discover so far in the mesheryctl folder

  • Each folder is command namely perf pattern filter with respective subcommands in it. I like the design choice. As Lee mentioned it gives reassurance to the developer that he/she might be working on the correct piece of the a code and it is relatively easy for newcomer to find the code.

  • We also have testcase inside it

  • filter list calls a REST APIs which is handle in server folder

  • perf profile calls a REST APIs which contains pagenumber pagesize and search as query parameter

  • Read this awesome documentation to understand the design principle and general contributing guidelines.

  • Read this as well

I am new to Go as well as meshery.
I am currently working on [mesheryctl] `filter list`: Search support · Issue #8199 · meshery/meshery · GitHub