Meshmate needed

Hi guys, Hardik here, I am currently a CS undergrad at IIIT Delhi. I always wanted to get into opensource and this is being my first step towards it. Could anyone with experience reach out to me and guide me through the maze.

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Hello @STARK first of all welcome to the community🎉, we are really pleased to have you with us😁. You are in safe hands with @Deepak_Gupta or @warunicorn19 or @Iambami.

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HI sayantan, could we connect over mail and discuss some stuff out?


Hey @STARK great to see you here. Did you get the time to hop into one of the community meetings/calls? If you by chance didn’t make into one of them yet then today we have the the Meshery development meeting, and tomorrow we have the newcomers call, you might wanna hop into one/both of these and we’ll make sure you are all clear with your contribution journey.

Thank you