Looking for Meshmate

Hello, I am a 2nd-year Undergraduate student at NIT Rourkela

I am a beginner to opensource. My present goals includes exploring and learning about Golang, Kubernetes, Docker and stuffs related to DevOps and I think the best way of doing that is learn while doing.

Hence, currently I’m looking for a Meshmate so that I can get guidance on how to get started with contributions here. Looking forward of being a part of this wonderful community.

Sourav Sharma

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Hey @sourav_sharma , glad to have you in the community!
Here is a post that may help you with this:

@Iambami @Anita-ihuman @ruthikegah might also point you to the Newcomers meetings that happen every Thursday - a highly recommended entrypoint into the community and projects. Details here: https://meet.layer5.io

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