Looking for a Meshmate😉

Hi, I am Bingqi Shang, a 3rd year software engineering of Tongji University, Shanghai. Following the guidelines from the opensource internship program site, I want to meet a Meshmate to gain more knowledge about Layer5 projects and further make contributions on my own.

I am proficient in C++ and Python, also have some project experience with JS and Java. About frameworks, I have experience with vue.js for frontend and SpringBoot for backend.

I don’t want to limit the skill stack to what I have learned only, I’d love to learn new languages or frameworks and make contributions to Layer5 projects. It would great if someone could guide me which project to start.

Thanks :smiley:

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This is Awesome @Bingqi_Shang and today is your lucky day. You know why? No sweat, I’ll tell you why. Today is Thursday meaning there will be Newcomers call today hosted by MeshMate Anita. Here, all your questions and curiosity about Layer5 projects and Meshery will be answered.

See you in the Meeting today @Bingqi_Shang :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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That’s great! @Iambami Thanks for notifying, could you please specify how to join the newcomer’s call meeting?


Join the Newcomers meeting here:

Zoom Call - https://meet.layer5.io/newcomers
Meeting minutes - https://bit.ly/353Aa7D

Join layer5 slack for more updates and informations.

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That is great! Thanks @Abhi :smiley: :smiley:

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